Hello to those of you who are new to my work and all of you who have been with me awhile 🙂 Thank you to Firespiral Slings for sharing a lovely post on Facebook about me at the weekend, as they mentioned they helped me get back into photography after having my children and I’m so grateful they did.

I’ve had a passion for photography since I was a teenager, studied it at university, and worked in London for a few years before moving to Lancashire. I became a bit disillusioned with the industry I worked in, I wanted to be doing something that helped people in some way and it didn’t feel like I was with what I was doing at the time.

Since having my children I’ve become very involved in the babywearing community, training as a carrying consultant and running West Pennine Slings, a sling library and meet to help parents to carry their children safely and comfortably.

When Firespiral offered me the opportunity to shoot for them I jumped at it, it was a chance to combine two big parts of my life and it felt like the stars had aligned at just the right time! It was quite a daunting prospect at first to think about starting again from scratch and I was glad of their support. It’s been just over a year of working together now and I hope there is many more to come 🙂

As well as my work with Firespiral I also love doing family shoots of any sort. From family portraits and get-togethers to breastfeeding shoots. Feel free to get in touch for more details, you can email me info@katrina.photos or message me on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/katrinasphoto/.

Here I am with my daughter Matilda after a shoot earlier in the week for something new from Firespiral. Matilda didn’t want to walk to back to the car so I thought I take the wrap for a spin, definitely a perk of the job 😉

Matilda & I