Winter isn’t often a popular time of year for outdoor photo shoots, usually bringing to mind short days and bitter cold. There is so much more to this time of year though and the opportunity for great family photography is most definitely still there. Muddy walks through the woods, frosty breath hanging in the air, looking out for little robins, and if we’re really, really lucky snowball fights and building snowmen to name just a few.

Pile on your thick knit hats, gloves, and scarves, pull on your warmest coat and find out how Lancashire has lots to offer all year round. The landscape is stunning even in the bleakest of months and the light during the day in winter is often beautifully soft even if it isn’t at it’s strongest. The scenery is awash with earthy neutrals and gentle pastels.

Alternatively if going outdoors when the frost is in the air really isn’t your thing there are still lots of opportunities indoors perhaps snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa or enjoying the warmth of a roaring fire. With the heating turned up you could pretend it’s not winter at all!

So get in touch, layer up to keep warm and let’s head out to make the most of this season.