A few weeks ago I spent a lovely morning with Emma and two of her dogs, it was rather wet and a little drizzly but we got some great shots anyway! Lola, the cocker spaniel, and Dexter, the King Charles spaniel, were great sports and gorgeous models as you can see.

We met at Sunnyhurst Woods in Darwen for the shoot, beautiful all year round if a little muddy this time of year. Both dogs had fun running up and down the paths and over the bridges while I snapped them playing. Lola was straight into the stream at the first opportunity, Dexter was a little more cautious but we got some lovely pictures of him dipping his toes in before eventually taking the plunge.

It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to capture these images for Emma and I’m looking forward to shooting for her again soon. If you would like lasting memories of your loyal companions get in touch with me here to arrange a shoot or get more details.