Pet Photography – Show Cats

by | Mar 15, 2018

Late last year I got to spend a wonderful morning with my friend and her seven beautiful cats. There are the three gloriously fluffy Selkirk Rexes and an equally fluffy Bristish Longhair; Frilly, Flossy, George, and Cirrus. Frilly is a tricoloured girl with striking amber eyes, she’s a retired champion and a European best of breed too. Frilly is gorgeously curly coated and was recentlyawarded a UK title. Then there are the brothers George and Cirrus, incredibly playful and lots of fun! Very much still kittens at five months old when I visited and interested in everything. I can definitely see future champions in both those boys.
My friend also has two young Norweigian Forest cats, Freya and Theo. Much more shy than the Selkirks but both have lovely gentle natures. They made me work hard to get pictures of them but the results were definitely worth it! I was particularly glad to get a picture showcasing Theo’s triangular profile that the breed is known for and Theo in particular has been complimented on in competition. I love the natural portraits I captured of Freya, she has a wonderfully expressive face.
Lastly we had Ginger, a tom cat who has made my friend’s house his home, saunter in towards the end of the session. He full of mischief and brimming with personality, bringing his muddy footprints onto the white background I was using! I was sorry to finish this photoshoot, it was a pleasure to get to know all of the cats (and their humans!) and I could have easily spent all day with them. If you would like to get beautiful and natural protraits of your well loved family pets please get in touch to discuss what I can do for you.