I think it’s about time I said hello, I’d been so good with keeping in touch this year up until now as well! The Covid-19 crisis hasn’t helped, as I’ve been finding my feet like all of us have been. Luckily for me I’ve also had some product photography to keep me busy. In particular the new batch of wraps from Firespiral Slings (go and have a look at them, they’re so stunning I wasn’t able to resist buying some of the cloth!).

My usual flat shots were easy enough as I shoot them at home but I had to think outside the box with the action shots as we were on the verge of the lockdown at the time. In the end my lovely husband Iain stepped in with the help of one of the sling library’s demo dolls! We managed to get up to Roddlesworth Woods in Tockholes and got some great, if a little unusual, shots of the cloth wrapped.

Obviously my family photo sessions have come to a grinding halt for now, as well as the beginner photography courses I had planned to run in March. All shoots are postponed but I’m happy to have a chat about ideas for shoots in the future, we can just add in a date when we’re able to. 

Iain has been working at home and the children have been off school for some time now. It has taken some adjusting but as we are a family of introverts who are quite happy hanging around at home we haven’t found it as difficult as some might have! We’ve done our best with schooling but it’s been pretty gentle (some might say lazy…) so far.

The silver lining I’ve found in this situation is the huge amount of quality family time we’re having. We’ve had the time and energy to go on walks round the woods, play board games that have been gathering dust, do a little baking, and just talk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns over here! There are plenty of squabbles as well as anxieties over the growing crisis. For the most part though we are enjoying being together and hopefully that will stay with us once this is over.

Stay safe everyone and please keep in touch!

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