It’s been over a month in lockdown now and I’m missing taking family portraits very much! Especially during this season, Spring is such a wonderful time to shoot. Everything is coming back to life with colourful flowers, blossom blooming, green shoots springing up, and the days getting longer. Of course at the moment the most important thing is to make sure that we’re doing our bit to slow the spread covid-19 by staying home and avoiding unnecessary contact with others, and that means Spring shoots will have to wait until next year. Fingers crossed we’ll have done enough to be able to ease the lockdown later this year, it’s relatively easy to socially distance on an outdoor photo session so even with restrictions in place it should be possible to shoot again.

In the meantime, knowing that the good weather we’ve been having was about to end and also wanting to scratch that itch a little, I took my camera out with us on one of our daily exercise walks around our home in Darwen and got some pictures of my children. Taking photos of your own children is rarely easy and a photographer’s children tend to be even more over it all! Matilda and Corben were surprisingly game this evening though and I got some lovely single portraits of them both. Pictures of them together were much harder… but we got there in the end!

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