One route my family takes into Sunnyhurst when we’re out for a walk goes past the Earnsdale Riding School. Usually the horses are out in the nearby fields and on a good day near sunset the light is absolutely gorgeous, I often walk past thinking ‘Wouldn’t this just be a wonderful spot for a family shoot?’. Recently this finally came to pass after Mick Halsall got in touch to book a session for his wife Michalina’s birthday.

Our first attempt was rained off but the day we rescheduled for the following week was perfect, slightly cloudy and bright. The horses were even posing for us just about where we wanted them for a little while! We quickly got lots of great shots of the family and of the children, five year old Mya and three year old Stevie, together and on their own. After that we moved into the woods to get a couple of different backgrounds to give the family plenty of variety to choose from.

Both children were in high spirits so I got lots of lovely active shots of them jumping and playing around. One of the most important things to remember when you have a photoshoot with young children is that it may seem like chaos but out of that chaos will come beautiful pictures. It’s hard to relax when it feels like things aren’t going to plan but when you throw children or animals into the mix all plans go out the window anyway! Just go with the flow and I will make sure you get wonderful photos of your family.

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