As well as outdoor action shots of the woven wraps being worn, I also do flat and folded product shots of the fabric for Firespiral Slings. The pace of these two kinds of shoots are obviously very different. The outdoor shoots are so much fun and I love getting to meet so many wonderful babies and their families but with that comes pressure from many directions, from dealing with bad weather to hoping baby is having a good day! Whilst the flat shots are a much more lonely business, they are also much more relaxed. This gives me the time to make sure every detail is spot on and the fabric looks it’s absolute best. With such beautiful designs and fabrics it’s a pleasure to work with too!

Bifrost Geode

Chalice Pendle Midwinter 

Earthshine Pendle Nocturne

Firerock Pendle Starmap

Silverdale Pendle Seafoam

Stonecrop Pendle Tentacular Spectacular

Whinfell Pendle Birch Trees

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