After Samlesbury Hall our next location was Towneley Hall in Burnley, a wonderful spot for a family day out with lots to see and do. I’ve been here before for a Firespiral shoot a few years ago. That time we stuck close to the hall so this time I decided to do a little scout around and see what else the park had to offer. Previously I parked at the large Riverside car park which brings you to the front of the hall; the hall is a short easy walk away and the car park is very convenient with snack kiosks, toilets, and a playground nearby. I decided to try the much smaller Barwise Picnic area parking behind the hall this time and I’m very glad I did! The picnic area is lovely with a fantastic adventure playground and just a short walk away from the hall and all it’s amenities.

We shot four of the wraps here; Bifrost Geode, Firerock Pendle Starmap, Silverdale Pendle Seafoam, and Stonecrop Pendle Tentacular Spectacular. In this first part I have showcased the first two we shot; Geode (with Mel, Leon, big sister Eska, and baby Onix) and Firerock (with April, baby Florence, and big sisters Chloe and Olivia).

Firerock Pendle Starmap

Bifrost Geode

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