The next two locations for my Firespiral Slings shoots were at Grove Lane Woods in Padiham and Spring Woods in Whalley. Showcasing Stonecrop Pendle Tentacular Spectacular (with Gemma and baby Amelia) at Grove Lane Woods and Silverdale Pendle Seafoam (with Erinn, Yann, and baby Cillian) at Spring Woods.

The shoot at Grove Lane Woods was very serendipitous, we’d had an absolute disaster trying to shoot the Tentacular Spectacular wrap the day before near the Shekinah Centre in Newchurch-In-Pendle. We’d trekked up a hill to get a view of Pendle hill in the background but on the way the weather turned and the temperature dropped. Poor little Amelia was not happy, and I have to say we weren’t either, so we beat a hasty retreat! We settled on meeting at Grove Wood the following day and well, you can see the spectacular results for yourself. What a wonderful place for a walk.

Spring Woods is a very familiar spot for me, having shot there for a couple of babywearing companies and also taking pictures of my family in bluebells there. It is absolutely beautiful in Spring (hence the name!) and I would recommend a trip over if you’ve never been. Although it is in the Ribble Valley, it has a connection to the Pendle Witch trials. There is a waymarker in the car park with a tercet verse on it from a larger poem by Carol Ann Duffy, it is part of a 51 mile walk from Barrowford to Lancaster with nine over markers making up the whole poem. The walk was opened in 2012 covering the likely route the women took on the way to Lancaster and marked 400 years since the trials took place.

Stonecrop Pendle Tentacular Spectacular

Silverdale Pendle Seafoam

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