What’s with all the babywearing photography?

by | Jan 23, 2018

Even a brief glance at my work will show you that babywearing features very prominently! If you don’t ‘babywear’ or use a baby carrier yourself you may be asking what all the fuss is about.

I often work for a couple of companies who make baby carrying wraps and carriers, particularly Firespiral Slings, Baie Slings, and also Izmi Baby. This explains why so much can be seen on my website. I also have a very personal connection to babywearing as I have carried both my children from when they were tiny and have seen the benefits of doing so first hand.

Baby carriers are a tool for parents to make life easier, much like say a pram or a car seat. There are also many physical and emotional benefits to keeping your children close such as regulating their bodily functions, giving them comfort, and making things much more convenient for parents and caregivers. Many of the benefits are research based through studies into kangaroo care or skin to skin contact.
You can find more information about these benefits here: http://wpslings.com/why-babywear/. West Pennine Slings is a community group that I founded in 2012 and help to run as a volunteer. We currently run groups in Darwen and Burnley where you can find out more about carrying your baby, hire carriers, and get help with your own. The groups are also social for both you and your child or children (we welcome all ages!), you can come along for a brew and chat while your baby plays and interacts with others. If you’re not close to one of our groups you can find your nearest sling library on Sling Pages
If you’re a seasoned babywearer or even if you’re just starting out, get in touch to book a shoot to immortalise these precious memories. As you can see I have plenty of experience in this area!


  1. Claire Williamson

    Gorgeous photos and really interesting to find out more about baby carrying 🙂 x

  2. Danielle Reeder Photography

    What a fab post and gorgeous images! I used to love our little lady snuggling in whilst using a sling.


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