And finally the last, but most certainly not least, location for my Firespiral Slings Pendle collection was the pictureque Nick of Pendle between Clitheroe and Sabden. Showcasing Earthshine Pendle Nocturne (with Rachael and little Naomi) and Firerock Pendle Starmap (with Catherine and baby Poppy). For once we were incredibly lucky with the weather, perfect dramatic skies and bright but not too harsh. I worked as quickly as possible as the weather can turn fast up there, when I first went to scout the location it went from a perfectly nice cloudy day heading up there to barely being able to see my hand in front of my face when I arrived. When I went back on a better day I realised I had been facing completely in the wrong direction the first time, with my back to Pendle Hill!

Of course I couldn’t really shoot a series named after Pendle and not have Pendle Hill as a backdrop now could I? The Nick of Pendle is a road high point offering spectacular views of the countryside (on a good day) and is well worth a visit. There is reasonable parking in a couple of laybys and the walk to the summit and back is supposed to be a more gentle walk than some other options, which should make it a good choice for families. I will have to get my family over there and try it out.

Earthshine Pendle Nocturne

Firerock Pendle Starmap

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